Goodbye San Francisco (Leavin' for New York)

from MÉLANGE by Erika Ji

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A delightful, semi-autobiographical comedy tune revealing the jaded side of a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed young woman who's tired of San Francisco and impulsively decides that she's moving to New York. From the new musical Avocado Toast.


I’m tired of “coding chops”
Defining who gets admiration.
I’m tired of changing the colors of buttons
On countless mobile applications.
I’m tired of coffee shops
Where startups dominate the conversation.

My app? Well, it’s a mobile, social, local snapchat, for dogs. It’s gonna CHANGE THE WORLD.

I’m tired of people who think “entrepreneur”
Is the only worthy occupation.

So I’m leavin’ for New York,
Sayin’ goodbye, San Francisco!
I’m puttin’ this place behind.
Oh, I just wanna find out what I can do
When I’m somewhere new.
I’m leavin’ for New York.

Taylor, San Francisco has more than just people who work at tech companies.
You don’t have to move to New York just because you’re tired of tech.

True. But San Francisco is dysfunctional in plenty of other ways.

Sure, I don’t fit in here
‘Cause I’m not in love with “innovation.”
But let’s be real, I just can’t deal
With the collectively decided five avocations:

Rock climbing! Cycling! Improv class!
Getting free food from tech company cafeterias!
And last, but definitely not least...Burning Man!

I’m tired of Ubering everywhere
‘Cause we don’t have subway stations.
Oh Good Lord, are people SCOOTERING now?
Give me real public transportation!

I’m leavin’ for New York,
Sayin’ goodbye, San Francisco!
I’m puttin’ the past behind.
I’m a smart, creative, driven, brilliant mind,
I will be fine.
I’m leavin’ for New York.

Cold winters.

I will be fine!

Cockroaches and subway rats.

I will be fine!

No In-N-Out Burger.

(feeling less fine)
I will be fine!

Taylor, you have no good friends there. Are you sure you want to do this?

Maybe I haven’t thought this through.
What if I don’t like it?
What if I make no friends?
What if I can’t find my life purpose?

No! I won’t let myself spiral when it’s rough.
I’m a resilient person who meditates and stuff.
For once, my intuition’s saying something feels right.
Maybe I’ll finally find what I’m meant for,
And write a life story I’m excited to write!

So I’m leavin’ for New York,
Sayin’ goodbye, San Francisco!
A heroine on her quest.
Oh, I don’t wanna be like all of the rest.
I’ll be the best at
Whatever I do in New York.

Hasta la vista, Fog City!
New Amsterdam calls me now.
Oh, I am ready, I know I will be fine,
I will shine!
So come at me, New York!


from MÉLANGE, released July 20, 2019
Story, Lyrics, and Music by Erika Ji
Vocals by Natalie Pernick
Flute by Jackie Traish
Piano by Nathan Cheung
Spoken Features by Matthew Billman and Nathan Cheung
Recorded and Mixed by Chris Gilroy at Douglass Recording


all rights reserved



Erika Ji New York, New York

Erika creates music that tells stories. With a love for soaring melodies and dramatic emotions, Erika draws inspiration from the lush soundscapes of classical music, the character-driven storytelling of musical theatre, and the authentic heart of indie folk and pop. ... more

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